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Stephanie H.

Stephanie H.

National Coaches Day!

October 6, 2023, is National Coaches Day! Our volunteer coaches are at the heart of the impactful work that we do at GOTR and because of them over 10,000 girls have been served in our community since 2011. Girls on the Run coaches are trained volunteers who lead a team of participants through a season of powerful and fun lessons. While rewarding and fun, many have questions about what being a GOTR coach entails. Our team is here to walk you through every step to ensure that coaching is a rewarding experience for YOU and the girls at our schools, community centers or churches.

“Do I need to be a runner?”- No! Girls on the Run provides the training, curriculum and supplies needed to safely lead a team for a season! You simply need to be a motivating role model for your team. Many of our coaches participated in their first 5K alongside their team! GOTR is so much more than running!

“What is the time commitment to be a GOTR Coach?” Coaches must attend and lead 90-minute practices twice per week for 10 weeks. To provide a consistent experience to participants, your commitment is crucial to prepare and collaborate with co-coaches to facilitate fun, successful lessons. Each season culminates with a team-led community project and celebratory 5K event. 

“I’m not affiliated with a school, or community center where the program takes place, can I still coach?” Yes! Community coaches are individuals not directly affiliated with a school or community location who support the Girls on the Run mission. Community coaches are placed according to their geographic location and their availability at sites that need additional coaches.

“Can I coach a team with a friend or family member?” Absolutely! The more, the merrier! Each Girls on the Run team is led by two to three trained coaches, and sometimes a Junior Coach. If you would like to coach at an existing site with another applicant, please mention this in your application and we will do our best to accommodate you.

“Why are coaches important?” There are girls who need YOU to help them unleash their power and potential. If you are considering coaching, ask yourself: What better gift can you give to the next generation than inspiring confidence and a strong sense of self?

Being a GOTR coach helps to provide a sense of purpose and community. As a coach, you’ll meet community members from diverse backgrounds, while uniting with others that share similar values to grow and invest in empowering girls. We find that so many of our coaches say that while coaching, they themselves have experienced a boost in their own self-esteem, confidence and a fulfillment knowing that they are contributing to inspiring girls to boldly pursue their dreams!


To learn more about coaching opportunities, contact Christy.Thomas@girlsontherun.org or (316) 749-8090


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